quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

1 year!

ohhh well.. it went so fast!
1 year ago I was leaving all my beloveds and actually leaving a life, 20 years of life, but I was decided to give up something to get something new.
ohh yeah, here I am, I made it.
many tears, many despair, difficulty, but on the other hand, lots of adventure, much knowledge, many new things, crazyness, new friends, new loves, butterflies in the stomach (particularly, it's the part I like best), new family, everythin new..
of course after a while you are not a tourist anymore and somedays the routine sucks and you wonder what's the next country you might venture. (my bad, right now)
some days everything i want is get in a place that i used to call home, cause i really felt like home, and lie on the couch and watch silly soap operas with my dad, looking forward to the dinner that my mom made..
but then, i realize my life just changed, i moved and I do not have those privileges anymore..
but i got an opportunity, and i'm enjoy every single second of it, even though it's not that fun everyday, but i'm doing my best for get more and absorb all the positive aspects of it!
more 6 months have yet to come!
USA is awesome! I really love here, and I love the way that things work out, it's a place that you see progress happening..
i love my american friends, my american family, my car and my house! lol
love traveling here, being silly, being crazy, being me!!
I thank God cause everything i just wrote is because His care with me! thank you Jesus!

First day in USA! NY baby! Jun/2010

Wayne, My number 1 American! I love him so much!!!!

Jovens Brasuca, em NJ - First people I've met here!

unforgettable day! LOVE

Gringos da minha vida!

Phillies Game!! GO PHILLIES!!!

BEA, KA, FE! Bad, bad, bad girls! ♥

ohh boy..

ohh yeah!
Happy birhtday! hahahah
xoxoooooxoxoxoxoo <3

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Não tempo que volte, amor. Vamos viver tudo que há pra viver!!